Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The 100 Day Project - Days 91-100: Unthemed and ALL DONE!

I can't believe it!  The idea of creating the same thing, sorta, every day for 100 days sounded so daunting way back in April.  And yet, the end is finally here, my friends.  I learned a lot and am relishing a good thing that came out of this pandemic...lots of arting time.

Here's a gander at my last batch of inchies.  I didn't really go with a theme this time.  Mostly I just rummaged around on my desk to use what was on there.

Ever wonder what a pile of 100 inchies looks like?

And just like that The 100 Day Project is a wrap.  Thanks for stopping by to take a gander at my artsy endeavors.  Happy Summer!

Monday, July 6, 2020

The 100 Day Project - Days 81-90: Flowers

I don't really grow many flowers in my garden but I do appreciate them nonetheless.  I celebrated them in all of the their diversity in my inchies for this batch.

Hooray!  There is only one more batch of inchies coming up...10 day left!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

ICAD Lollipop Inspiration Board

I didn't know where to start on my ICAD for today.  I ended up heading over to my Pinterest Artsy Journaling board to get some inspiration and found this yummy, summery color combo.


Then I remembered some great lessons I learned from Kate Crane's Journal Soup classes so got busy on a background and it all came together!

I tried to remember to take pics of the process.  I like seeing how projects transform along the way.

Index cards as great to use as mop up pieces or for experimenting with products or techniques.  When I grabbed the card for this project it had brayered-on acrylic ink and my dip pen scribbles.  I brushed some acrylic paints over the top of those.

A little white paint and muted colors over the top came next...

More paint, darker shades this time, and some stamping and 'finger dots'...

But, wait!  There's more!  I added still more stamping, scribbles and a little black around the edges.

There she is!  I stamped the sentiment and the head image on some tissue paper, flipped it over and painted on the back side of the tissue paper.  Once that was dry, I used matte medium to stick them onto the card.  I used tissue paper because it blends beautifully into the background.  

Thanks for stopping by today.  Happy creating!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Einstein Zine

A while back (March?  Sometime during the pandemic...) I made my first zine.  It was a fun project.  I like art projects that I can sit down to do in pretty much one sitting.  A zine is simply a sheet of paper that's folded and cut to make a little book.

My recently graduated senior was cleaning out his closet and found a bunch of old schoolwork that ended up in the recycle bin in my art space.  There were lots of old math worksheets (I'm talking old like second grade all the way up to high school) and I grabbed a couple to make this.  When the background was all finished I thought I'd add quotes by famous mathematicians but those didn't really pan out.  Einstein seemed like the next obvious choice.  Check it out!

 I bought some sari ribbon on Etsy a while ago.  I cut a piece and that's where the colors for my zine came from.

The quote on the left totally sounds like something my grandpa would have said.  He had a wonderfully dry sense of humor and was a brilliant man, too.

I thought I had signed up for a swap on SwapBot that had a zine as one of the trading options.  Oops...guess I didn't or I missed the deadline.  It's all mine now, I guess.  😁

Have you ever made a zine?  Give it a try!

The 100 Day Project - Days 71-80: Rinchies

Still here and making little bits of art.  Days 71-80 found me working on little 1-inch circles, aka 'rinchies'.  Fun!  

Day 71:  There was a cool gel print sitting on my desk and I used that for the background.  A few drawn and painted bits later I had my first ever rinchie.

Day 72:  I knew I wanted to have a face.  I was envisioning a smiling, round, fatherly-looking moon face, but I didn't have that in my stash so I went with a Frieda Kahlo-looking face instead.  This one has several layers.

Day 73:  I rummaged around in my gel print scraps to find the base for this one.  I was sent a freebie embossing powder and wanted to try it out - I used that for the star.  This is very pretty and shimmery in person.

Day 74: This one makes me laugh.  I noticed a box of laser cut wood shapes in my stash and found some farm animal ones.  Had to use the oinker!

Day 75: I was going for a close-up and simple rinchie today.

Day 76: Inspired by an ICAD made by my artsy friend, Dana.

Day 77:  Janet Klein used to make all kinds of cool inchies and rinchies.  I peeked at her creations and this little dude came to me.  Catitude...

Day 78: I have tons of stamps but not many small ones.  I just started going through them and found a bunch of old foam ones I'd forgotten about.  I used one for the middle.  Really not loving the way this turned out, but some days it works...some days it doesn't.

Day 79:  So happy with this rinchie!  I put a scrap of Japanese text on the paper and then covered it with a piece of used tea bag.  Drew on the stem and then colored it with watercolor.  Easy breezy, but I love the simplicity.

Day 80:  Apparently I have a little bit of a thing going on with faces lately; it must be the round shape I've been using.  This face makes me chuckle.  Some days...you know what I'm sayin'??

Wow.  Just 20 days left to go!  Next up is 'flowers'...