Friday, August 26, 2022

Watch.Learn.Play Preview Workshop

 Truth be told I still haven't finished all of the lessons in this online workshop, but I've already learned so much in the four I have completed (though, to be honest, it may not LOOK like it - haha).  In each lesson we create a master board and then cut it up into quarters.  My biggest take away is that I need to push myself to try more layers and cover things up sometimes.  As you'll see below, I'm still working on this...😉

Lesson 1:  Oops...I forgot to take a picture of the master board, but these are my finished pieces.  I was pretty happy with this batch.

Lesson 2:  Still no pic of the master board...

Lesson 3:  Hooray!  A masterboard pic!

Lesson 3:  Hmmm...too busy?  Wrong colors?  I don't know...not loving these.

Lesson 4 Master board

Lesson 4: Ugghhhh...really not loving these.  How is it that I liked the first day but progressively was less impressed (not with the class, but with my work)?  I guess that just means I need more practice.

I still need to do the last lesson.  Maybe tomorrow...

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