Friday, May 13, 2022

#The100DayProject: Days 81-90

 Woo hoo!  10 days to go...I'm feeling accomplished.  The gel plate has been used daily over the past 10 days.  At some point these cards may have some more work done on them, but for now, here they are...

Day 81 (Day 3 of the Birgit Koopsen Gel Printing Challenge - Handmade Stencil:  tyvek envelope, Sharpie, X-acto knife, acrylic paint, gel plate

Day 82 (Day 4 of BKGPC - Pill strips):  Pill strip, acrylic paint, gel plate

Day 83 (Day 5 of BKGPC - something from nature): trailing geranium leaves, acrylic paint, gel plate

Day 84 (Day 6 of BKGPC - cotton swabs):  cotton swabs, hot glue, wine cork, acrylic paint, gel plate

Day 85/100 (Day 7 BKGPC - random found object): acrylic paint, gel plate, aluminum can tabs, matte gel, cardboard

Day 86/100 (Day 8 BKGPC - sewing thread): eyelash yarn, acrylic paint, gel plate

Day 87/100 (Day 9 BKGPC - bottle cap): bottle cap, acrylic paint, gel plate

Day 88/100 (Day 10 BKGPC - lace):  stencil, alcohol inks, acrylic paint, gel plate, Copic markers, Pitt pen, Signo Uniball gel pen, snarky stickers, paper scraps, book text

Day 89/100: acrylic paint, paper napkin, speedy carve, carving tools, dye ink, Posca marker, paper scraps, pencil, needle & thread, book page

Day 90/100: I've been watching a collage artist over the past couple of months who uses beautiful handmade papers.  I caved, didn't scope my stash, and bought some.  As soon as they arrived (i.e. today) I busted them out to use on this card. Acrylic paint, gel plate, packing tape, rice paper, mark-making paper, handmade papers.

Only 10 days to go...I think I'm going to make it through the whole 100 days this year - woo hoo!

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sally said...

Woohoo! We are almost done! Love these ones - you done some beauties recently :-)

Sally x