Friday, March 20, 2015

SDC 187: Neon

"Yo ho! Yo ho!  The pirate's life for me..."  The SDC challenge this week, and, oh yes, this is a challenge, is to use neon.  Yikes!  Lucky for me I received this awesome Agatha's Parrot recently.  Sweet!  I whipped up an ATC (you know I love my ATCs!).

Isn't he cute?  I borrowed the hat from his partner in crime, Agatha Pirate.  

Ahoy, there me hearties.  Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gelli Plate Fun

I am pretty hooked on this gelli plate business.  It's funny to me that I can start out with a clear idea of what I want to create but as I get into the process that idea flies out the window and I just 'do'.  Very freeing and fun.

Because of all of this free-flowing fun I usually end up with a large stack of papers that need a home. Here are some of the things I've done with them.  Many of them I've listed in the home decor section of my Etsy shop.

Altered Switchplate Covers:

I especially love this next project.  I am an avid recycler.  The tiles for these coasters come from shop whose goal is to "put landfills out of business".  They take contractors' materials and remodel leftovers and sell them at reduced prices.  The place is fun to walk through as you never know what you'll find there - school lockers, kitchen cabinets, old windows and doors, ...and tiles!

I made several of these circle canvases using different color combos.

I have a set of these on my kitchen wall:

I love the thought that there will never be anything else quite like any of these out there in the world.  That's the beauty of the process I think.

Thanks for swinging by today!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

SDC 186: Stars

Baby, you're my shinin' star!  I happened to have a traveling art journal sitting here waiting to be arted up and when I saw the stars theme I figured I could put a twist on that and use my Stampotique stamps and get my pages done and sent on their way.  Shazam!  Here goes...

My background was inspired by Trish Latimer's smeared background video.  I really wanted to try that after I saw it and promptly got very painty fingers as I smooshed paint around the pages.  After the paint dried I stenciled and stamped to my heart's content. 

In addition to acrylics I used some dye ink (had to heat set them over the acrylic background), Distress inks, washi tape, stamping over phone book pages that I had used when spraying inks, and a paint pen.

I love this quote stamp.  It appeals to my sense of whimsy.  

In addition to the SDC I'm adding this to
Unruly Paper Arts March challenge - greens (I've got those in spades here!) 
Mixed Media World 'Anything Goes' challenge
Craft Stamper Magazine 'Anything Goes - take a Stamp' challenge

Thanks for peeking in!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

SDC 185: Numbers

The other day I received an unexpected lovely little present from my sister, Ann.  She sent one of her classic, funny letters enclosed in a box with some beaded earrings she made for me.  It's not my birthday.  It's not National Send Your Sister a Gift Day (as far as I know).  It was a wonderful surprise.  I also recently pulled out my gelli plate and had a great time flinging paint about until I had a nice little stash of printed papers.  ("That's nice, Julie.  What does that have to do with SDC 185?")

I wanted to send my sister a note to say thanks, but it wouldn't do to send some Hallmark card, so I whipped out my papers and made a little card for her.  It was nice and quick to put together which means it will be in the mail today and not sitting around in my "I should get this done" pile.  Yay!

Thanks for stopping by today.  :)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Accordion House ATC - An Experiment

I think ATC houses are really fun to make.  My mixed media ATC group has a house theme this time so to keep up with these talented ladies I had to do something different.  Enter my experimental accordion ATC.

It lays flat to ATC size:

My other houses were more on typical ATC lines.  I had a hankering (yes, a hankering!) to make a monochromatic ATC.  The urge was satisfied here:

My last one has an interactive front door:

I love my Fridays.  I only work Monday-Thursday so Fridays are my day to hang out in the studio.  However, I have been seriously procrastinating...the real house needs some attention now.  Off to vacuum and fold laundry.  Ugh...not nearly as fun as creating, but you gotta do whatcha gotta do. 

Ciao for now...

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stoked to be the Top Talent Spotlight over at Our Creative Corner

Get out!  I am so honored to be highlighted over at Our Creative Corner today.  The challenge theme this month is 'Anything Goes'.

You may remember that way back last spring I couldn't resist the $1 wooden birdhouses at JoAnns.  In my typical Julie ADD fashion I flung myself into decorating birdhouses with wild abandon but quickly burned out before finishing the last one.  Since then this lone sad little birdhouse has relocated numerous times on my work desk silently mocking me.  The combination of the 'Anything Goes' challnege and a long, grey winter kicked me into gear with visions of a warm, green spring, and fairies frolicking in my garden.  I decided they needed a shelter. Here's how it went down...

The lone birdhouse survivor. It had been sitting here gessoed and with a blue roof for months.

The blue roof wasn't working for me anymore so I went with green.  I had visions of mud-packed walls (it is the Pacific NW after all) so added some texture with modeling paste.

I painted the walls with a combo of brown, burnt sienna and black paints.

I really liked the way my Garden Nymph Hideaway turned out last year so I added flowers to the roof of this one too.  I think I've had these flowers for almost 10 years.  So happy to put them to use!  My plan was to have it monochromatic like the garden nymph's digs but once the flowers were all on there I kind of liked the  multi-colored look.

While browsing the clearance section at Hobby Lobby several weeks ago I spotted some acrylic glazes reduced 80%.  Without a clue how to use them, but loving a good deal,  I picked up some bottles.  It turns out they are intended for model makers to add to their vintage airplanes etc.  "Hmmm..." I thought to myself.  "What the heck.  Let's give it a whirl!" I added some Pine Wash over the mud-caked walls of my little cottage.  The barest hint of green that it added is just perfect to suggest what a mini dwelling hidden away under some ferns in the forest would look like.  Almost done!


I went to the craft store to pick up some finishing touches.  When I grabbed the packaged moss I noticed that it sure did look like the 'real moss' that serves as grass in my backyard.  Why pay for that?  I felt confident that I could harvest my own.  It was ridiculously easy.  I took a fork and gathered up chunks of moss.  Then I set them on a paper towel and placed it on a heater vent overnight.  The next morning I shook off the excess dirt and wah-lah!  Dried moss!  I attached it and the little mushrooms with hot glue.  Some Stickles in the flower centers completed my project.

Now that Valentines' Day is past I'm ready to start decorating for spring and St. Patrick's Day.  I think my little Faerie's Cottage will fit right in on my mantle.

Thanks so much for stopping by and slogging through my post.  ;)  Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Binge ATC-ing

I'm not sure why exactly, but I went on an ATC swap sign-up binge about a month ago.  I think their small size gets my creativity kicked into gear.  Here are some more I've created for various swaps.

I pulled out my seahorse die again to create this ATC for a metallic themed swap.  The person I sent it to loves all things beachy and oceany so I think she'll like this.  The background is from an old nautical chart.  I scored a big pile of them on Freecycle a year or so ago.  I had (and still have!) big plans to bind a bunch of journals using them, but in the mean time I'm cutting them into smaller bits for things like ATCs.

This next batch is for the theme "March Bizarre Holidays".  The snowman makes me laugh.  I'm odd that way.  I participated in the February one too.  I'm hoping to keep it up throughout the year so I can display them all each month.

And this group is for a nautical theme.  I was so pleased with myself that I found these sailboat charms on clearance just when I needed them.  You can see more nautical charts in use on these.  Couldn't resist that!

Wishing you all a most wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by!