Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Rituals Remembered and Artified

I am so excited about my latest project.  Kate Crane posted a photo of a journal page recently on Facebook and I was immediately struck, as if by lightning!, with inspiration.  The theme of her page was the Christmas hymn, "We Three Kings".

When I was growing up we had a table in the family room dedicated to gift wrapping at Christmas time.  We were a very fortunate family and this area was a beehive of activity in December.  My dad would cackle with glee when he tricked us into helping to wrap one of our own gifts (usually by requesting a finger to secure the bow while he tied it).  We also had friendly competitions to see who could create the most outrageous bow.  (I wish I had photos of some of those - they were pretty amazing.)

One of my favorite traditions, however, was the one my third sister, Kim, and I shared.  We would each hold a wrapped gift in one hand and hold our other hands together up in the air regally.  Next we would belt out the hymn "We Three Kings" as we marched from the family room to the living room where our tree always sat.  We would do this for each gift we wrapped and I suspect some members of the family grew tired of the song.  We didn't though.

When I saw Kate's page I KNEW I had to create something for my sister.  I liberally borrowed from her to create this mini We Three Kings canvas.

It's been years since Kim and I have celebrated Christmas together - we live in different states. While I won't be there to see her open this, I'm confident that she'll grin.  And I know for a fact, that the next time we do get the chance to spend Christmas together, there will be some processionals to the tune of "We Three Kings".

Wishing you a fabulous Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ohhhh...a MEdium!

Feel free to roll your eyes when you read this. I just had one of those ah-ha! moments. I'm working on a mini canvas and was having some problems with the color.  It was just too flat and boring. Several layers of paint, gesso, paint, and even more gesso I decided to try something.  I added some matte gel medium to my paint in hopes that it would make it a little more translucent. It worked!

I know.  Duh, Julie.  For some reason I've only thought of using it as an adhesive or to make super thin substrates a little sturdier.  It never occurred to me to just add it to my paint.  Dork.

I felt the need to share this today. :)  Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 19, 2014

IG Friends Traveling Journal - Debbie

I took a step away from Christmas-y craftiness this morning and finished up some journal pages that have been beckoning to me for several days.  I love getting these in the mail - it is so inspiring to see each person's unique style and how she transforms a blank page into a gorgeous piece of art.  These books are truly a treasure when they return home.

Here's my addition to Debbie's journal.

Lots of yummy lumpy texture on these pages.  I tried to capture the shimmer on the pages in the pictures too.  I used Perfect Pearls mint spray mist and it's really pretty in real life.

Off to go plant gardens and decorate souls...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Jah, Jamaica, mon!

I recently had a customer request a custom mini album as a gift.  Her son is taking his girlfriend to Montego Bay for Valentines' Day.  How cool is that??  This was so fun to make. It was really nice to delve into warm, tropical colors while the temps outside were so chilly.  :)  Here's a peek...

I can almost imagine myself sitting in a hammock, palm fronds rustling above in a warm, tropical breeze, sipping on an icy cold rum punch...

Friday, December 12, 2014

Love that Little Red Cup...

In my blog wanderings today I stumbled upon the Coffee Lovers challenge over at Tsuruta Designs.  I am a big coffee lover and for a while went a little over the top with collecting coffee-related stamps.  None of the stamps I used on my coffee-lovin' ATC have been inked up for a long time so I am stoked to have pulled them out for this today.

I'm a sucker for those little red cups that Starbucks pulls out every year.  They make me feel festive (or maybe that's the caffeine they contain).  Either way, I fully plan on grabbing one of these bad boys filled with...Caramel Brulee Latte?...Peppermint Mocha?...maybe a simple cappucino.  Regardless, I'll be well-caffeinated and a superhero in my own mind.  ;)

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Off-Kilter Christmas Humor ATCs

Since 'Anything Goes' is the theme over at the Stampotique Designers Challenge (and I haven't played in forever!) I decided to go Christmasy with inappropriate humor.  Don't judge.  :)  I'm also entering this in the Christmas ATC challenge at Our Creative Corner.

Merry Christmas!?!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mixed Media Ornaments

I love to go to the local crafty store and pick up the plain glass ornaments (on sale, of course!).  They are so easy to alter and 'fancy up'.  :)

This year a made a bunch and in different shapes.  Lots of paper recycling (I always save the tissue paper in gifts as well as rescue books from the recycle bin), inking, stamping and painting.


If you have a little spare time and want to feel festive, put on some Christmas music, get out your Mod Podge and start ripping paper...  Or you can head over to Elves In The Attic on Etsy and pick up a few.

Ho ho ho!