Friday, May 25, 2012

Beautiful Sunny Days!

... make me a Happy Camper! 

We are finally getting a little sunshine again after several days of cloudy, rainy weather.  To top it off, today is the beginning of a 4-day weekend for my kiddos.  All is well with my world and that will have to make for a quick post so I can go out and play in the sunshine.

I found this card in my Etsy stash the other day.  I never got around to listing it - oops.

I had made it as a mock-up for a customer who was having a dinosaur-themed party for her little girl.  She ended up switching themes and so this little guy was relegated to the card box.  I love the lumpy, bumpy texture on his head and googly eyes always make for a fun addition.  I could leave off the outside teeth to make him more snake-like for a birthday card saying something along the lines of

"Have a S-s-s-s-SUPER Birthday!"

So if you know any herpetologist- and/or paleontologist-minded peeps consider this as a birthday card! See it in my Etsy shop here.


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