Thursday, November 22, 2012


I had a smidge of homesickness last night.  Most of my family is gathering at my sister's house in California for Thanksgiving this year.  We were unable to make the trip and for the first time ever in my 48 years I am spending my Thanksgiving without my sisters, parents, nieces or nephews.  I was busily working in the kitchen last night when this occured to me.  I miss the frenetic estrogen-filled atmosphere as vegies are cut, turkeys are basted, potatoes are peeled. 

I am looking forward to a quiet, relaxed day with my little family though and it makes me realize how very fortunate I am to have had all those years where there was the flurry of activity and a house full of laughter, family and friends - tables loaded with good food (my mom and sisters are all amazing cooks), full wine glasses, the works.  And I feel incredibly blessed to have a full fridge and my little helpers who will be busy with me today in the kitchen.

Life is good.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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