Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rip up your phone book!

Tonight I'm going to a meet-up with a bunch of artsy types whom I've never met.  The theme of the meet-up is art journals.  I have no idea what to expect or what to bring but I decided that I'd better get some action started in mine so if I'm put on the spot I have something to show.  Yikes, that's a scary thought to show people in person

Dylusions inks, oh, how I love thee. First I gessoed (can 'gesso' turn into a verb? Let's say yes) my pages.  To keep it off the other pages I've been using an old phone book.  I started to reach for some book pages but changed my mind and tore some strips out of the phone book and glued those bad boys on there.  Next I squirted on a little Bubblegum and Sunshine inks.  Check out how the phone book strips gobbled up the ink - love it.

Wendy Vecchi has come up with some embossing pastes (would love to get my hands on the black!) and that reminded me that I've had some stashed away for years.  I spritzed a little Sunshine ink into the paste and swiped over a brass template in a few spots. 

Not sure what I'm going to do next - probaby some stamping and flicking of paint.  What would YOU do next?


  1. Great start! I would probably do the bleach/stencil technique next. Have fun tonight! (It's an excited scary, right? Don't worry, you'll have a blast :))

  2. Hi Julie, hope the meet up went well. You have a lovely blog and I have looked through your recent posts and - wow- you do some amazing work! Love your Christmas baubles. Your pages look amazing (is that Bubblegum pink I spy?) and love how you added the text. Thank you for your visit and for joining me, I have joined you too and look forward to seeing what you create. Anne x

  3. If you're put on the spot, you could always perform a dance routine, no? Just a thought.

    (and if it were me, I'd go to your house next - looks like you have WAY cooler supplies to play with!)

  4. So how did it go? You are very brave diving in like this. Would love to know how this has developed too as they are all so personal. Hugs, Jenny x


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