Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Feeling Lucky?

I love March.  Green, other than the ever-present evergreens, is returning to the drab landscape and the fun and whimsy of St. Patrick's Day gets me thinking about what mischief I can play on my kiddos.  I was up to a little fun and mischief recently with paper and ink. 

I don't recall how I started this.  I think there was just a scrap piece of paper and I was just aching to get some of Dyan's bright green Cut Grass Dylusions spray on something. I sprayed, spritzed, stenciled and stamped to my heart's content.  Once it was dry I sat there with a "Now what?" expression on my face.  It was an odd-shaped piece of paper and I didn't see simply gluing into my art journal as a satisfactory ending.  I ended up cutting it into pieces for background pieces on cards.

The St. Patrick's Day stamps are from a little mini set that I couldn't resist buying while waiting in line at JoAnn's.  I wish they wouldn't put those there.  I'm a sucker for them every time. 

This little dude from Stampotique was a Christmas present from my kids. How cool is that?! They know their mom...love him.  

 Funny story.  My daughter and I were driving down the street by the local community college and there was a slender young man, all in black with straight black hair and rather serious-looking, walking down the street.  My daughter exclaims, "Mom!  He looks like  one of those stamp dudes!"  (I have several Daniel Torrente images from Stampotique.) We both cracked up.  Weird thing is that I was thinking the same thing!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week!

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