Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sunday Postcard Art: Summer Solstice

I know...today is Tuesday not Sunday.  Sunday found me up north cheering my daughter and her soccer team on to victory.  :)  The theme at SPA this week celebrates the official beginning of summer, Summer Solstice aka Midsummer's Eve.  Back in the old days people would light bonfires on Midsummers Eve to ward away evil spirits.  It was said that if you jumped over the flames you would have good luck.  I"m thinking scorched lower regions isn't very lucky, but what do I know??

ANYWAY, here is my weekly contribution.

The picture is a little funky as I had to use my phone since my computer is misbehaving and won't let me turn it on (I snuck onto the kids' - shhhh).  Definitely click on the picture to zoom in - it looks much better!

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy week!


  1. It looks great, it has the colors of a bonfire!
    Groetjes karin

  2. wow! fantastic vibrant colors! really hot!

  3. Love your dramatic postcard.

  4. love this postcard, thanks for playing. Everytime I see your blog name i think it says Elvis in the Attic. lol yes my eyesight is fading lol

  5. Beautiful card - I love the color of flame and the bright blue moon. A perfect just into summer! :)


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