Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hello, peeps!

My lazy summer days mysteriously got busy as August hit.  My mother-in-law was in town for a visit, the kiddos had soccer tournaments and my paper bag puppets were rediscovered by customers.  I recently had a request to create a Thomas the Train invitation.  Always up for a challenge I went to work with paper and glue.  I must say, I think he's a pretty cute rendition.

My creative muse is supposed to be whispering about Santa, Christmas and Hanukkah right about now, but devilish creature that she is she keeps pointing me in a Halloween-esque direction.  Here are a couple of new items I've added to the shop.
Creepy Halloween Coasters, $19.95
Skull image stamped on medical dictionary pages
 Both of these items use recycled/repurposed materials.  The tiles are contractor leftovers and the Skull Dictionary Pages are taken from an old medical dictionary that may have otherwise met its demise in a recycle bin.

I hope August is finding you well.  Back to work for me...

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