Sunday, October 20, 2013

Long time, no post!

I'm still here, I swear.  However, I'm still deep in the midst of my feverish ATC-making.  These little dudes are FUN to make.  Perhaps it's my need for immediate gratification, but I love working on these mini canvases.  Here's the latest installment...

 I don't claim to be an artist-artist AT ALL.  This was my attempt at capturing a photo in watercolors.  They eyes on this guy kind of freak me out.  Hope it didn't freak out the recipient too much.  I made this for her because she's totally into her dogs and likes the color purple.

 This one and the next were made for a swap with the theme "Something Orange".  The first one is inspired by the movie "A Clockwork Orange".  Talk about a trippy flick.
 I've got a nice little stash of googly eyes and quite the affinity for Halloween.  That's where this little dude came from.  Kind of have a fun, not-too-spooky, candy corn thing going on here.

 I made this one for a collector of sea life ATCs.  Again, my artistic talents are, uh, well let's say they're evolving, shall we?  What I especially like about this one is the shiny bits; they're from a gum wrapper that I insisted on keeping in spite of my family's protests.  :)

 My Strolling Seattle ATCs...the left one was for a Purple & Green swap where the recipient also liked umbrellas.  Unable to help myself I dug into my paper scraps and cut a few more umbrellas...
 La Calavera ATC.  Once up on a time my beloved and I were in Mexico sitting at a little outdoor cafe probably imbibing in a Corona or two.  A little boy came up to me and pointed at my shirt.  "Calaveras!  Calaveras!"  I was wearing a T-shirt that had dancing skeletons on it (I wonder whatever happened to that shirt.  It was really pretty cool).  This little guy was fascinated with my shirt and we ran into him a few more times.  Each time he would mention the calaveras.  I'm pretty sure he wasn't indicating that we were skeletal-like, but maybe I"m wrong.  I made this ATC for a Day of the Dead swap, which had nothing whatsoever to do with my story, but that's what I think of when I see this picture.
 Good ol' Warshington.  This ATC (I actually made 4 of them) was for a 50 state swap.  This is an ongoing swap and I'm hoping, at some point, to collect all the states.  That would be kinda cool to go along with my State Quarters collection.  (Yes.  I'm a little geeky at times.)
 I needed an extra ATC to swap with somebody.  She likes flowers and bright colors.  That's where this came from.  The stamp I used always reminds me of dandelions.  My daughter thinks I'm nuts. 
 These are for a Thanksgiving/Thankful swap.  I am most certainly thankful for all of these things.

Almost done!  Hang in there!  These last two are for a Book Page swap.  The background on both of these is from a book written in Japanese.

 This is not exactly what I had envisioned when I started.  I do really like the texture on it though.
This one was a bear.  I kept feeling like it needed something more.  I still think there's something missing on it, but for the life of me I don't know what I'd add.  Suggestions?

Are you still here?  Thanks for hanging in there.  What do you think of my ATC's?

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