Friday, February 7, 2014

Chanelling Eric Carle - Canvases for My Preschool Classroom

I think I've mentioned before that I teach preschool.  We moved locations this school year and when we were setting up the classroom (way back in September) somebody asked me if I could make some art for the walls.  I agreed right away as I love working on canvases.  Lots of ideas swam in my head but I kept coming back to Eric Carle.  Even if you don't recognize his name you will surely recognize some of his books.  They are classics for the younger peeps.

I finally got around to creating them this weekend.  Eric uses painted tissue paper to create his masterpieces.  I had never tried this before but decided to give it a whirl.  What a blast!  Here's a pic of some of the papers I came  up with.

Super easy to do with regular ol' white gift wrapping tissue paper, acrylics and matte medium for gluing.  I used 11 x 14 cheap canvases from Hobby Lobby for the base.

I think they'll look pretty cool hung together since the papers are used throughout the whole batch.
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  1. Fabulous canvases Julie, love them all but the cat is super cute, bet the kids will love these. Anne xx

  2. These are brilliant!!! Both educational and beautiful!

  3. Hi, love your pictures! I'm currently just starting to work on something with Eric Carle style work but I'm having problems finding the right paper. I've tried regular tissue paper but it warps (esp when water is mixed with the arcrylic paints) and then rips. Other papers just warp. I want to use something transparent so I can get that layered look but not sure what will work. Did you find that the arcrylic medium helped strengthen the paper before painting? Perhaps the tissue paper is thinner here in Australia...? Your advice would be much appreciated! Thanks

    1. Thank you! I'm not sure what to tell you, Celia. I used gift wrap tissue paper as my base. EC uses higher quality acid-free tissue paper and then preps it with mat medium first; I skipped that step.

      I used straight acrylics - no thinner/water added. I let them dry completely between layers. I had a little bit of warping but 1) I didn't worry about it and 2) once a few layers were on it wasn't really noticed.

      Keep experimenting and embrace imperfection. :)


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