Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gelli Plate Fun

I am pretty hooked on this gelli plate business.  It's funny to me that I can start out with a clear idea of what I want to create but as I get into the process that idea flies out the window and I just 'do'.  Very freeing and fun.

Because of all of this free-flowing fun I usually end up with a large stack of papers that need a home. Here are some of the things I've done with them.  Many of them I've listed in the home decor section of my Etsy shop.

Altered Switchplate Covers:

I especially love this next project.  I am an avid recycler.  The tiles for these coasters come from shop whose goal is to "put landfills out of business".  They take contractors' materials and remodel leftovers and sell them at reduced prices.  The place is fun to walk through as you never know what you'll find there - school lockers, kitchen cabinets, old windows and doors, ...and tiles!

I made several of these circle canvases using different color combos.

I have a set of these on my kitchen wall:

I love the thought that there will never be anything else quite like any of these out there in the world.  That's the beauty of the process I think.

Thanks for swinging by today!


  1. WOW Julie these are amazing, loving the tiles especially. The place that sells the items headed for landfill is fantastic, wish that other places would adopt this as well. So much wonderful inspiration, thank you :-) xxx

  2. wow stunning, I especially love the tiles!
    Groetjes Karin

  3. What great and colorful projects, Julie! Genius and practical! Love that pear, especially!

  4. gorgeous ! you might want to see this .. your blog in the spotlight on mine : http://elliecreahoekje.blogspot.nl/2015/03/new-followers-and-blogs-i-became.html


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