Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gel Skins

Gel Skins.  The term kind of creeps me out.  For some reason it reminds me of being a kid and getting totally sunburned.  A few days later my oldest sister would delight in peeling away strips of skin from my back.  I know. Gross, right?  Sorry.  Didn't mean to creep anyone out - just a little stream of consciousness blogging...

Back to (gulp) gel skins.  I didn't really get it when I saw people talking about them but when I took a mixed media class and saw how easy they are to make I was hooked.  I really like the translucent effect and how you can fold them on top of each other to get ripples and the like.  Summer is coming...beachy art is on the horizon.

I made these ATCs for a technique swap and used gel skins for a watery effect.

I kind of feel like something is missing on the seahorses but can't decide what.  Words?  I usually add a word or words to my ATCs so that must be it.

Have a great day!

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