Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bubble Wrap Transfer Technique

Oh, I love Happy Accidents!  I discovered a strange and wonderful technique today.  I think I'm going to call it Bubble Wrap Transfer.  :)

I was gelli printing a bunch of envelopes and started to embellish them some more with bubble wrap dabbed in paint when I ran into some trouble.  I've used this bubble wrap for a while and it had quite the accumulation of dried paint on it.

Dried Paint on Bubble Wrap
When I plopped it onto the envies circles of dried paint came off with it.  This troubled me as I was trying to stamp white paint.  Going with the flow, I painstakingly started taking the little dried paint circles and slapping them onto a blank index card for a future background.

Wham-o!  What if I took packing tape and pressed it across the top of the dried-paint-topped bubble wrap?  That might look cool...wait...it does!  Bonus: the bubble wrap is still bubbly and can be re-used.  Sweet!

Bubble Wrap Transfer on index card

Kinda weird and different, isn't it?  I had to use this somehow and decided to try to come up with something for the Stampotique Designers Challenge this week: Boo.

I painted an index card (ICAD 2016 starts today!) blue and then wrapped the dried paint packing tape over the top of it.  I'm feeling like quite the recycling goddess today.  I cut a hole in the card and the background in the circle is from a paper towel that was used to dry up my little preschool kiddies' spray paint projects.

Fun, fun, fun day in the studio!  Now I need to get back to the gelli'd envies which I totally tossed aside when this idea hit me.  ;)  (And yes.  This is usually what my desk looks like...yikes!)


  1. Don't you just love happy accidents especially when you create a cool project from them. Love your index card perfect for SDC this week. x

  2. Haha I love this one <3
    Thanks for joining us at Stampotique ;)

    xx Arwen

  3. Awesome Julie :)
    Thanks for joining in with us at Stampotique!

  4. Such a brilliant idea. Love it! Thanks for joining the Stampotique DC

  5. Love your card, great background! thanx for joining us at the Stampotique challenge


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