Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I'm Ba-a-a-ck...

Hello, Friends!  I was AWOL for a couple of weeks.  The fam and I roadtripped down to California to meet up with my side of the family.  AWESOME trip!  The main impetus was to spread my mom's ashes where we spread my dad's ashes. It was emotional and beautiful and wonderful to all be together.  It's been a busy summer too - too busy to get away - so I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my kiddos (who are growing up TOO fast!).  Here we are in Yosemite (photo-phobes each one of them so I was so excited to get a pic with them all).

Half Dome was supposed to be in the background but none of our arms were long enough to get the peeps AND the dome so c'est la vie - ha ha!  Just trust me...it's there.  ;)

While I was gone The Muse took off too so I've been trying to lure her back.  ATCs are good for that!  Here are a couple of my new Stampotique goodies on an ATC:

I keep using the Spiral stamp on EVERYTHING.  Love, love, love it.

That's it for now as I was struck by inspiration this morning and better get busy before I forget what I was going to do.  :)

Have a spectacular day!

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