Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cool Friend Pop-Up Card

I'm such a sucker for interactive cards.  I don't know if pop-up cards count as interactive, but they ARE fun.  This die keeps begging to be used so I've given in again.

Like many creative types, I wander around blogtopia to get inspiration from other people.  One of the cool things about this particular die is that it folds flat to fit in an A2 envelope.  It tried my soul to leave the outside blank so I *had* to decorate it so when the recipient pulls it out something besides blank white greets them.  It was hard to find some inspiration out there - most people just post pics like the one above.  This is what I did on the front:

And on the back there's a panel to write a message:

I made a few of them to have on hand.  My little peeps 2-4 year olds) often give me gifts before the Christmas break.  I hope a card like this will make them smile.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I looove your sweet penguin card! The white base is so perfectfor a snowy feeling and i particularly like how you've arranged the sentiment on the front pannel !


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