Thursday, June 21, 2018

ICAD 2018

I'm coming late to the ICAD party this year.  I didn't do it last year because I thought I'd be too busy.  I think I'll be too busy this year too (ha ha!) but I need the creative boost it inspires methinks.

ICAD 2018 started June 1st but I just jumped on the bandwagon a couple of days ago.  Here is one of my index cards so far.  I'm going to trade it as a postcard for a swap I'm in so it won't be added to my collection.

In 2016, the first time I participated in ICAD, one day I gelli printed a bunch of index cards.  This was one of the remnants.  I just added a few extra bits to it to finish it off.  I love the cheesecloth print in the background.

Are you doing ICAD?  Have you heard of it?


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