Wednesday, July 10, 2019

ICAD 2019: Week 5

Wow, I'm actually doing this.  I've made it to Week 5 of ICAD 2019.  Sweet!  Here we go with the latest index card offerings...

Day 29: off-prompt: I was perusing YouTube looking for ideas for using the Kwik Stix I've had in my stash. I discovered an elementary school teacher who used them with her class to create art inspired by Reggie Laurent.  I'd never heard of him but was inspired to do the same. I love his use of bright colors and mix of organic and geometric shapes against a black background.  Media: acrylic paint

Day 30: Lemon/Lemonade:  What?  I did it!  Inspired by today's prompt, I drew these bad boys with lead pencil and colored them in using watercolor pencils.  The pre-gelli printed background was the inspiration for this.

Day 31: off prompt:  Wrapping up Pride Week I decided to finally pull out the Kwik Stix.  I love how creamy they are which made them great for blending colors.

Day 32: off prompt: I was watching some YouTube videos and found one where the artist made a really busy background and then covered most of it with paint.  Inspired by that I made this.  Media: acrylic paint, archival ink
Day 33: off prompt.  I started out by painting with pale yellow and grey acrylics, followed by stamping and then applied gel medium through a stencil.  I was at a loss after that because the vision I had wasn't panning out.  I ended up covering the whole thing with gesso, inking around edges with archival inks and slapping on some torn strips of paper.  Haven't decided yet if I like it or not.

Day 34: off prompt:  I watched a video of Dee Dee Catron creating a tag and totally ripped off her idea for today's card.  I layered index cards and painted them with acrylic ink and watercolors.  The cheesecloth was colored with Distress stains and the colorful circle in the middle is mop-up paper towel that's been floating around my desk for a while.
Day 35: Pine.  Hmmm...another one that just makes me scratch my head and wonder what happened (and that's okay).  Rubbed acrylics on the card with my fingers and then scratched into the paint with the pointy end of a wood skewer.  Things went really awry in the top right corner so I covered it up.  Ha ha!
I've got quite the stack of cards accumulating.  I like leafing back through them.  The last (and first) time I completed the annual ICAD challenge was 2016 and I love going back and looking through them as well.  Here's this year's stack so far...

Woot woot!

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