Monday, February 27, 2012

Playing with Pretty Paper to Produce a Pyramid

What is it about the letter P that makes it fun to say?  As I started writing this post about my latest project I couldn't help but throw all those P words in there.  ANYWAY ... my Facebook followers have already seen this but if you missed it I recently created this paper wonder for a challenge going on at my local scrapbooking store, Urban Scrapbooker. 

Every month Brooke sells a monthly kit loaded with paper and embellishments and challenges us to come up with something unique and wonderful.  I have never participated but have wanted to and I was especially intrigued by the February kit she chose - Authentique's Gathering line.  This line is not something I would normally choose - I'm not a big orange and floral fan - but I was tempted by those lucious rubenesque poppies. (Can poppies be rubenesque?  I don't know.)  Wanting to do something other than a scrapbook layout, I decided to tweak the traditional and go for a pyramid box with a mini album nestled inside.  My apologies for some of these photos - should have taken them all at the same time.

Here is the the box closed.  I took some pictures and let the box sit on my mantle for a couple of days to see how I liked it.  I decided to add some flat teal marbles as feet on the bottom - just what the doctor ordered.  Lots of fun little details - added some pearls, glitter, watch parts, beads and irididescent mist to glam it up a bit.

When the little triangle on top is lifted off the sides fall open to reveal a triangular accordion mini album sitting on the bottom.  I haven't added any pictures yet, but there's room on both sides for the pages for a little something.  I decorated the box sides with stamps, die cuts and glitter as well. 

Thanks for looking at my little project.  I really enjoyed making this and it came together really quickly.  Try one!

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  1. Nice blog. Pictures are devine and your items are extremely clever and well done.


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