Monday, July 22, 2013

Tattered Florals Wanna Be

There are some really cool projects out there using Tim Holtz's Tattered Florals die.  Unfortunately my budget is limited and that die is not in my collection yet.  Wandering around Pinterest I found a great DIY flower tutorial for making your own by Paul Browning.  They remind me of dogwood blooms.  Here's the one I made:

This was Super Easy.  Here's what I used:

 - Scrap cardstock, white and dark brown
 - Water in spray bottle
 - Chalk ink, Amber Clay
 - Distress Stain, Wild Honey
 - Toothpick (to curl up petals)
 - Sun (mini) punch
 - Chopstick
 - Heat gun

Click on the link to his post to try it!


  1. Well I think it's sad that there are no comments. Look at that flower! It's lovely. ;)

  2. Well I think that your flowers are absolutely gorgeous and just as good, if not better than ready-made, shop bought ones. They look so natural and I thought they must have been really difficult to do, but when I referred to Paul's tutorial and looked at your pictures too, I realised that even a cloth-head like me might be able to do them. What's more, I think I have all the ingredients already, so no visits to shops to buy gadgets I'll only use once!! Thanks for the inspiration, this will be my weekend challenge, and if you see someone wandering around town with very inky fingers, you'll know it is me. Until next time, thanks again, Judyx


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