Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Journal 52: Week 2

This week's theme for Journal 52 is "Somewhere, a Simple Place".  In my mind that morphed into a really cool place that I like to hang out in.

Once upon a time my beloved and I lived in Santa Barbara, CA.  We were definitely beach people and spent lots of time doing beachy things.  One of these was scuba diving.  We would either dive off the local beaches or take a dive boat out to the Channel Islands.  I remember one night, diving out at the islands, when we decided to turn off our lights and lay on the seafloor.  We were in the middle of a kelp forest and when the lights were off we could clearly see the outlines of the kelp leaves as soft blue lights from bioluminescent bacteria flowed back and forth over their surfaces with the surge of the tide.  It was amazing and incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

I never did see a mermaid (and no.  That is not me AS a mermaid on my page.  I am brunette with hazel eyes.) but we had encounters with crabs, lobsters, lots of different fish, sharks, rays, seals...it was awesome.  Writing this makes me nostalgic for those good ol' days when we were carefree and childless.  Not that I would trade my kiddos...most days.  ;)  (That was for them, just in case they happen up on my blog some day.)

The page nitty gritty, i.e. materials:
Distress Paint
Acrylic paints
Precious Metal Effects paint
Pitt pen
Dylusions spray inks
Distress Stain
Bubble wrap
Matte gel medium

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  1. I love this! In the mid 80's Dave's job took us to the Marshall Islands for a 2.5 year "tour of duty" as it were. Kwajalein Atoll is a wonderful place to dive and snorkel. We never got into diving, but we went snorkeling, and enjoyed the sea life immensely!

    This is a gorgeous page! I started to do this challenge, then decided I waited to long to get it underway. Maybe another time. :)

    1. That must have been amazing! It's never too late to get going on it or you can always come back to it later, Tracy (says, Julie, Ms. Procrastinator Extraordinaire).

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  3. Your pages are gorgeous Julie, you really have captured the tones and colours of the sea....... I grew up in Canada so we only had fresh water lakes to swim, snorkel and waterski in, so no exotic creatures like you had, but it was wonderful all the same! Hugs, Anne x

  4. These pages are so cool and full of texture... then I read your story and WOW! What an experience that must have been. Thanks for sharing.... and lol on the nod to the kids.

  5. That's a great quote! I also like all of the texture you've put into the background of this scene.


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