Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wicked Wednesday Challenge - Zombies Need Love Too

I know, weird, right?  But the theme this week at Wicked Wednesday did crack me up.  Apparently so much so that I got my hand signals confused!  So I'm offering up two ATCs for your viewing pleasure today (both of which my daughter laughed at and said, "Ewww...".)

Title: Zombie Love

Title: Hang Loose Zombie

So ... yeah...  Happy Valentines' Day?


  1. Love this! where did you get that hand???? the first one?

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I drew the hands. I'm not much of a draw-er hence the raggedy edges. :) Works for a zombie hand though!

  2. Have finally signed up to follow by e-mail, Julie, so I won't miss posts like this one! You need to be stamp designing for Stampotique! Seriously.


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