Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Inspiration Strikes

It's always a happy surprise to me when my day job (preschool teacher) inspires my artsy activities.  I've had a set of three JAMS (Just Add More Stuff) ATCs sitting on my desk for well over a month.  The backgrounds were really pretty and every time I pulled them out to look at them I ended up stuffing them back into the envelope with a nary a clue as to what to do with them; I was on the verge of sending them on to somebody else to finish.  I almost did just that, but inspiration struck.

Our preschool theme this month is Under the Sea.  I have a healthy stash of scrap papers that I've used to blot up extra paint and bits that have been cut off of larger pieces.  I decided to make collage-y fish to add to the soft blue backgrounds.  The fuzzy blue fiber reminded me of flowing water or bits of seaweed (no, I've never seen blue seaweed but it did indeed remind me of that).  I started going through my scraps when "WHAM-O!" .... jellyfish.  Their gentle, undulating movements are a perfect accompaniment to the soft, blue background.  Sweet!  Here they are:

I hope the recipients like them.  I was the last one on the list so off they go!


  1. It's called artistic licence Julie lol. LOVING all three of your ATC's, so creative! :-) xxx

  2. Ha ha! I like the way you think!

  3. They are lovely and I really like the rings along the side, and the seaweedy fibres - just perfect!

  4. Love these ATCs, Julie! Great sea colors, too!


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