Sunday, June 7, 2015

Craft Mat Clean-Up

You know those moments when the mental clouds part, beams of sunlight illuminate the room and a choir of angels bursts into song?  Just had one of those moments and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.  No doubt some smart crafty person has thought of this already, but this was new to me.

I was arting up an envelope for a crafty friend and pulled out my little 5'x7' gelli plate.  I happily went about my business and when finished stuffed my envie, which needed some extra sealing assistance from packing tape.  Now typically I wipe off my craft mat as soon as I'm finished but I didn't this time so there was some dried paint left on it.

  As I was sealing up the envie I was trying to avoid getting the packing tape on my craft mat because I didn't want it to pick up any of the dried paint.  Say what??!!  (Here is where the clouds parted and the angels sang.)

"What if", I said to myself, "I purposely cleaned up the mat with packing tape?"  Oh, the glee and pure joy that filled my soul as I eagerly stuck and lifted.  My gelli plate was still a little grungy too so I slapped some tape on there.  It worked.  Cool!

I always have blank ATC-sized papers sitting around so I stuck and lifted to my heart's content and then stuck the tape to my ATCs blanks.  Backgrounds.  All ready to go.  For something.

Isn't that a fun, random discovery?  It's going to be a good day...


  1. That is WAY Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL, no wonder you heard angels sing! This is such a super cool discovery!! Great idea, btw, to have some blank ATCs sitting around. Thanks for sharing!


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