Monday, December 28, 2015

Catching Up with the 12 Tags of 2015

I've set an ambitious goal for myself.  Every month Tim Holtz throws out a challenge to create a tag using some of his techniques.  Every year, I start out all ready to roll with the intention of creating along with him.  In 2015, I was a slacker and only participated in June.  The past few months, with my Mom's unexpected illness and sudden passing, I haven't felt the urge to create much.  The last few days however The Muse has been shouting in my ear and I've been on a bit of role.  My tendency to be over-confident in my abilities (or at least the number of hours in my day) has resulted in my goal, between now and Jan. 1st, of finishing up all of the 2015 tags (although I've decided to roll with ATCs instead).  So far I've got January and December done.

You can see Tim's January tag here.

I used tissue paper and Distress paints and stain like he did.  My tissue paper came from my daughter's Christmas present last year - Doc Marten boots.  Of course I saved it - cool pattern!  I had purchased the die cut 'snowflakes' from Etsy years ago and never used them.  These started out as a deep purple but I covered them with some Salted Ocean, Brushed Pewter and Picket Fence Distress paint to make them wintery. Last I added some chunky silver glitter to them to mimic Tim's blingy number.

Here is Tim's December 2015 tag.  I borrowed a lot from him again.  Texturey background, wreath, bow, spraying through a stencil.  I opted not to add any words - didn't think it needed it. 

 I tore off the top layer of a piece of cardboard to expose the corrugated inside.  Then I sprayed through a star stencil using the new Candied Apple Distress stain.  I added a smidge of Picket Fence paint on the bottom before putting on my (new!) die cut wreaths. A little Copic coloring on the metallic border tied that in with the wreath.

Only 9 tags to go!


  1. Love them both ! Sadly I gave up after October !
    Corrie x

    1. I know. I've never completed the full year...until this year. Hooray!

  2. Catching up is always great to do! These are both gorgeous! I like your style!

  3. Beautiful ATC's ! Both are really ingenious takes on Tim's tags! Good for you to get 'er done in a few days! You can do it! I did my 2014 tags at one fell swoop in 4 days, ATC style in a shadow box here: http://sarascloset1.blogspot.com/2015/03/12-tags-of-2014.html. Somehow I think it's more fun that way! Good luck! Not sure I will do 2016 consistently like I did this year, although I did have fun this year!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

    1. That was such a marathon! I think the fam thought I had left town for a few days - ha ha. Kudos to you for getting them done, too!


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