Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bizarre Holidays ATCs: February

I think the wacky, unusual holidays are fun to celebrate.  For over a year now I've been participating in monthly bizarrre, wacky holiday trades on ATCsForAll and now I've started playing in the same swap over at SwapBot too.  I don't need an excuse - love making these!  In addition to the one I showed in my last post, I made these for February.

These images are from Vera Lane Studio.  I can't get enough of these - so fun and cute without being over-the-top cute.

I splurged and bought a big box of watercolor crayons recently.  I used them on these ATCs.  I think I'll be playing with them a LOT.  I had to choose this holiday because I'm a wee bit of a coffee addict.  :)

After my dad passed away, we found a box of stamps that he must have collected when he was a wee lad.  I nabbed it to use in my art and that's where these stamps came from (except the butterfly).

I always seem to gravitate to Umbrella Day for the February holidays.  Maybe it's because it's my sister's birthday or maybe it's because I live in Seattle!  This first one is made from a gelli print that I had in my stash.  I also used my watercolor crayons again.

For this umbrella card, I whipped out the raindrop stamp set that I've had forever but hardly ever use.  I think it helped that the last few days have been excessively rainy around here.  I used my Distress markers to color the umbrella.

Pretty pleased with myself that February isn't even here yet and my cards are done.  Woot woot!

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