Tuesday, February 16, 2016


"Art" is the ATC theme over in the VLVS facebook trade this round.  Strange as it sounds, that is a tricky theme.  I have some fun, quirky VLVS stamps but none of them are remotely artsy.  Stretching my imagination to the limit I decided to use my housedress dog stamp envisioning her tired of dreary housework and deciding to throw all caution to the wind and painting the floor with her broom.  I know.  A stretch.  But work with me people.  :)

The red one was the first one I did.  The hubs said it looked like a murder scene (that's what I get for asking...) so I switched out the others to purple.  ;)  I think the Picasso quote fits quite nicely, don't you?

Cheerio for now!

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