Saturday, April 7, 2018

Oops Art

We all have those moments when we just start creating and aren't totally sure which direction we're headed.  I watched a great alcohol ink video the other day where the artist made this beautiful piece outlining some of the ink blobs to transform them into gorgeous leaves and flowers.  I thought to myself, "Cool!  I think I'll channel that into an ATC."  Yeah, well, hmmmm....

It ends up that I don't have fine enough pens to doodle on Yupo paper on such a small canvas (most of my black pens smeared on it).  I ran into some other interesting ah-ha moments while creating this, too.

  • Archival ink can be removed with alcohol
  • Alcohol inks leave behind a shadow of color when removed (which is kinda pretty in real life)
  • Copic markers don't blend on Yupo paper but leave behind cool, brush-like marks
The final result looks like this:

Major lesson learned is that I should stick to doodling on a larger canvas (hence the 'Note to Self' sticker).  😜  

In spite of my trepidation in sharing this, I'm going to enter it in the Rubber Dance monthly challenge.  What the heck - you only live once!


  1. This is so pretty Julie, it's good to just play and you've learned lots of cool stuff too! Thanks so much for joining us at Rubber Dance, and have a fun week, Sue xx

  2. Love daisies, so typical of spring, beautiful work cheers Judy

  3. This is stunning. Thank you for using our stamps in such a beautiful way. Gorgeous result! Thank you for joining the Rubber Dance Challenge this month. xx Susanne.


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