Monday, July 9, 2018

MFT Summer Camp 2018

Summer camp over at the My Favorite Things blog is always fun and a great excuse to stroll through my stamp sets and revisit some time-tested design concepts.  The designers almost always share some hot tip that I've either forgotten about or am hearing about for the first time.  Visit the MFT blog HERE to see what I mean.

I made a batch of these cards to have on hand as thank-yous to my little kids (aka preschool students).

The first day of summer camp explored the use of White Space.  There is a lot of white space (for me anyway) on this card.

The second day we talked about primary colors - yay, little primary-colored monsters!

On the last day of summer camp symmetry and asymmetry were discussed.  This card design is asymmetrical, but you can see how I balanced the monsters with the sentiment.

Here's another card I made that uses white space and asymmetry.  It also uses repetition - the day 3 of summer camp topic.  The cool shades were made with a die that I just cut in rainbow colors.

Love me some summer camp!

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