Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The 100 Day Project - Days 91-100: Unthemed and ALL DONE!

I can't believe it!  The idea of creating the same thing, sorta, every day for 100 days sounded so daunting way back in April.  And yet, the end is finally here, my friends.  I learned a lot and am relishing a good thing that came out of this pandemic...lots of arting time.

Here's a gander at my last batch of inchies.  I didn't really go with a theme this time.  Mostly I just rummaged around on my desk to use what was on there.

Ever wonder what a pile of 100 inchies looks like?

And just like that The 100 Day Project is a wrap.  Thanks for stopping by to take a gander at my artsy endeavors.  Happy Summer!

1 comment:

sally said...

Congratulations on completing the #100days! I hope you had fun because some of those inchies are fantastic :-)

Sally xx