Monday, January 4, 2021

Interactive Cards

 ...are the best!  I LOVE interactive cards.  I love giving them to other people even more.  Check out these two that I made this weekend.

This pop up box card was super easy and fun to put together.  When I showed it to my husband he thought it was pretty cool but also gave me a funny look.  You see, our kids have aged out of sports (the baby graduated from high school last June)...we don't really need coach thank you cards.  I had the idea though and just HAD to make it - haha!

My bro-in-law's birthday is coming up later this month.  I made this fun one for him.  It makes me grin.

My daughter is nicer than I am...she thought the smoke was from blowing out the candles.  I see it as the blaze from so many candles.  Either way...

Thanks for stopping by and happy creating!

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