Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Happy Tuesday!  I'm wrapping up the house ATCs posts today.  Here are the last four...up close and personal.

Title: Love Lives Here (clever,huh?)
This one had a bit of an 'oops'.  I had a border stamp stamped across the roof (like in Monster House below) but when I started moving stuff around I noticed the ink coming off on my fingers.  Forgot that the scrap I used had acrylic paint on it.  It looks very distress-ish though this way, doesn't it?  ;)  I was very glad to use these flowers which have been in my stash forEVER.

Title: Home of the Stars

I'm not sure how the star theme evolved.  The star on the door reminds me of the ones on the Green Room doors.  While their homes are much more grandiose, I am reminded of the maps they give to tourists in Southern California showing the homes of the stars.

Title: Monster House
 She's not a very mean monster with those fancy blue eyelashes, but she does look surprised, doesn't she?  Maybe we caught her with her shutters open...

Title: Mrs. Thurber's Garden
 I imagined the view out the window into the neighbor's backyard.  The imaginary Mrs. Thurber (love the name) lives alone with her 3 cats and loves to putter around her garden .

Thanks for stopping by today and I wish you a fabulous week.  Get inky!

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  1. Oh yumm, I couldn't decide ... I must keep that in in the back of my mind. Suzanne


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