Sunday, May 4, 2014

She Just Showed Up Unannounced!

I found my Muse perched on my work table bright and early this morning and she didn't even call to let me know she'd be coming.

I have had an house ATC swap deadline looming closer and just couldn't get the mojo kickstarted.  Today was a good day though.  Here's what I came up with.

All of my bases were created in similar fashion.  First I sprayed white cardstock with a Dylusions color.  Dried it and then stamped with bubble wrap and heat embossed.  Next I sprayed again with darker shades of Dylusions.

One of the requirements for this swap was that two of them had to be interactive.  Today I'll show you The Birdhouse.  (Maybe 'Bird Condo' would be more fitting?)

The 'portholes' (do you call them that on a birdhouse?) were created from scraps I had laying around.  The metal roof pulls up to reveal a feathery friend.

A pocket on the back keeps the pull-out in place.  The pull-out background is stamped with "tweet" though by the time I cut it down to fit in the pocket I'm not sure it's obvious what it says anymore.

The pull-out was a little tough to remove at first.  To fix that I rubbed it with wax paper and then wrapped it with wax paper and pulled it in and out of the pocket a few times.  Worked like a charm.

Check back tomorrow to see my other interactive ATC!


  1. Love your opening paragraph, reads like the first page of an exciting book...

    Glad she dropped by, your ATC's are stunning, colours are bright and fun, love the surprise!

    Great inspiration, thank you:-) xxx

  2. These are gorgeous, bright and funky and I love the pull out idea. Great tip about the wax paper. So I'm now following you!

    Lucy x


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