Sunday, May 18, 2014

Steamy Birdhouse

My son's school has an art auction coming up next week.  I thought I'd create a mixed media canvas for it, but the canvas wasn't speaking to me.  Yesterday I had to stop at Joann's for something and sitting there were some cute little wood birdhouses.  Since they were only a dollar or two I picked up a few.

I've got big plans for these little gems and so far one is finished.

It started as raw wood.  I covered it with gesso and stuck torn book pages on the roof.

At this point I was planning on just painting it, but I don't have the color on hand that I had in mind.  I'm not sure how, but a steampunk idea hit me.  I painted the roof with a combo of metallic gold and bronze paints, glued gear die cuts onto the base and then covered it with metal tape.  The roof is darker and and more bronze IRL; looks kind of yellow-goldish in the pics.  I attempted the blistered paint technique again but it didn't work as well this time.  I used Distress Paints so maybe it's more a regular ol' acrylic paint thing.

To finish it off I painted over the base with black acrylic paint, wiping it off the metal part, and added some washers and a knob to the roof.

Pssst..Stampotiquers.  I  tried to figure out a way to include a tag on this for this week's challenge.  No go.  ;)

I'm not sure if this is the one I'll donate to the auction.  We'll see if I get any other ones finished in time.


  1. Ooo love your bird house, looking forward to seeing the rest of your makes:-) x

  2. Very cute! What a lovely idea to have an art auction. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I agree - the football card was very well meant. Unfortunately the receiver wasn't so amused :(

  3. I love your steampunk bird house, it is fabulous! Anne x

  4. Such a cute little birdhouse, I bet went down a treat at your sons school.
    Julie x


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