Monday, May 23, 2016

Index Card A Day (ICAD)

Clear the decks.  I sense a new addiction headed my way.  I reluctantly decided to join the altered index card phenomenon known as ICAD 2016 (deets HERE).  Still in the warm-up phase (it officially runs June 1st - July 31st), I have tentatively applied paint to 2 warm-up cards.  Oh yeah, baby.  I like this!

I've been out of town for the last couple of days so missed the first few warm-ups.  Hooked though, I'm sure I'll have no prob catching up.  Using junk mail was the prompt for this.  I randomly grabbed a couple of pieces of mail that were sitting on the counter.  Having nothing in mind I grabbed and cut to get this.  Behold, my first ever altered index card.

ICAD 2106 Warm-Up #5

The next prompt was to pick 3 interesting leaves and sketch them.  This morning I got lost in Brigit Koopsen's gallery and you can definitely see her influence here. So fun!

ICAD 2016 Warm-Up #6

After staring at it for a few, I decided it needed a little something extra.  I added a little subtle stenciling on the orange background.

I'm really loving this.  The index cards I'm using are super cheap 3"x 5" ones that I stole, er...permanently borrowed, from the kids' school supply stash. 

I am so used to working on the smaller ATC size that I thought this was going to be a leap.  Not so!  Just throwing this out there...why don't you join us?!

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  1. Love the leaves one! I almost signed up but then decided I was probably overcommitted especially as I shall be away from June 11th for 6 weeks lol.....looking forward to seeing more of your icad posts.



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