Friday, May 6, 2016

"Oh...Mothers' Day is THIS Sunday?!?"

Actual conversation.  The hubs and I were sitting on the back deck soaking up some rays and relishing the thought that it is Friday, the sun is shining and the grill is beckoning to us.  Suddenly I exclaimed, "Oh,{profanity}!  I made a card for you to send to your mom and this Sunday is Mothers' Day!" (She lives across the country.  No way USPS can help us out here.)

I'm just not into it this year.  It's been years since I actually celebrated Mothers' Day with my mom in person, and since she passed away in November I've decided to ignore it this year.

However, I thought this little conversation was good fodder for the card I just finished (which may end up going to my MIL rather than the other card now that we kinda blew the whole 'mailing it in time' thing).

Lost Coast Designs is hosting a "Women Rule the World" challenge right now.  I know.  You're looking at my card and thinking it's a bit of a stretch, but let me explain.

1) I don't have girlie stamps from LCD (though they have loads that I WISH I had!)
2) Look at these guys.  They are clearly in fear for their very lives since they almost forgot Mothers' Day (except the guy on the left.  He's a little slow.)  Hence, their mother clearly "rules the roost" as it were.

Check out the great LCD stamps I used: the three borders and the handsome trio.

Have a delightful weekend and give your mothers a hug on Sunday.


  1. Relax, let out the footrest on your la-z-yboy. Those guys sure got it - a bit late, obviously.

  2. LOVE THIS, Julie!! I've got this stamp too, and the expressions on these guys faces say so much!! It's like they're having 3 stages of "I knew I was forgetting something!" Thanks so much for joining us for our Women Rule the World event this week!! XOXO-Shari LCD/CV DT

    1. Thanks, Shari! This is one of my faves. Every time I see these faces I crack up.

  3. Love this, so colorful. Those guys look great Julie and says so much more than a traditional mothers day type of card. Thanks for joining us at the Lost Coast Portal to Creativity :)

  4. Awesome card, this made me giggle and love the background and use of those great border stamps. Thank you for joining the Lost Coast Portal to Creativity "Women Rule the World" -event.

  5. This totally made me laugh out loud! Love it! Thanks for sharing with us at Lost Coast Portal to Creativity! The WINNERS post is now up   xxx Leigh http://lostcoastportaltocreativity.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-big-winners-announcement.html


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