Friday, June 14, 2019

ICAD 2019: Week 2

The muse still isn't totally up and running.  I'm not that thrilled with some of the results from this week, but that's okay.  Sometimes it's just about the process of getting something down on the ol' index card.

Day 8/61. Off-prompt.  I grabbed a pile of junk mail and just started cutting out words that made me think of ICAD and the process. 
Day 9/61: Off-prompt.  Doodle-y bits with Sharpies
Day 10/61: Off-prompt.  Came to work on this morning to the news that we had to call CPS on one of my families.  Feeling very troubled and sad. 
Day 11/61: Off-prompt.  Not what I had envisioned but I liked the idea of it.  The thought was to do some spotlight coloring - color only inside the circles and black, white and gray on the outside.  I wish I had stuck with that idea.  (Also realized I need more light-colored Sharpies in my life.)
Day 12/61: Off-prompt.  Drew circles with a gray Sharpie (and circle die cut) then colored them in with Neocolors.
Day 13/61: Off-prompt.  Started with acrylic paints over gesso and then started throwing random media on it.  (Gesso, acrylic paint, Neocolor, Pitt pen, gel pen)

Day 14/61: Off-prompt.  Started with a red and a blue Neocolor crayon over gesso.  Swiped a wet paintbrush over it and stared at the red and blue for a while.  Decided to go with red and blue...(I told you The Muse is being uncooperative! 😜)
So, that's it.  14 days under my belt so far and I am fully expecting to see some stuff I really like in the next week...


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Tera Callihan said...

Another awesome week!!! I especially love day 13! It's so fun and bright ♡♡♡ Can't wait to see next weeks cards!