Sunday, June 23, 2019

ICAD 2019: Week 3

Well, The Muse continues to dawdle and generally be temperamental and unhelpful.  C'est la vie.  On I plod... 

Day 15: off prompt I realized just before bedtime that I hadn't arted up any cards yet for the day.  Enter a quick and easy grid with Copic markers.

Day 16: off prompt. I tried the layered gelli print technique today.  Added bits of acrylic paint to the plate and let each dry before the next.  Then covered the whole business with paint and lift a print.

Day 17: off prompt.  I don't know quite what to say about this...LOL.  Layers...like and onion and/or an ogre.

Day 18: off prompt. Channeling my inner Piet Mondrian

Day 19: Theme - Yellow.  Yummy layers today.

Day 20: off prompt. Trying to do something different.  I found some cardboard circles and then used gesso, absorbent ground, watercolors (Color Burst) and markers.

Day 21: off prompt.  Feeling uninspired a started shuffling things around on the desk and uncovered a baggie full of used postage stamps.  
That's it for Week 3, folks!

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