Sunday, May 17, 2020

The 100 Day Project - Days 31-40: People

So I guess the way it works, for my anyway, is that the first day or so of a new theme is just hard to wrap my head around.  I waited until the end of the day on both the 31st and 32nd day...I just didn't want to make anything.  Hmmmm...there's a lesson there.  Keep going?

Days 31-40: People

Day 31:  Ugh.  I had a vision in my head and this wasn't it.

Day 32: Looking through my creations on Pinterest I came across some abstract face ATCs that I did a long time ago.  I thought that would do the trick this day.

Day 33:  Nope.  Done with drawing - at least for today.  Gathered various bits and pieces.  Pinterest is my friend.  Found an art lesson for kids that got the wheels turning for this inchie.

Day 34:  Hmmm...not sure who or what I was channeling but I had fun with this one.

Day 35:  The Muse was feeling Eric Carle-esque today...

Day 36: Pinterest to the rescue again.  Found a really cool artist who's style I was inspired by.  This was the day I FINALLY got around to making the family some masks, too.  Late to the party but I arrived!

Day 37: Not sure why I came back to drawing, but this was prompted by a pic my son's high school track coach sent to me this morning.  Funny little pic of him as a freshman.

Day 38: Since I did my son yesterday I decided I'd better get one of my daughter in there, too.  I'm liking this Eric Carle mode I've gotten into..
Day 39:  I did my other two progeny so of course I had to do #2 as well.  He looks a little like a confused Jesus.  LOL.  Love you, Dev...
Day 40: Inspired by a photo of one of my little kids from a class a couple of years ago.  :)
That's it for now, my friends.  New theme for the next 10 days coming up...

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