Sunday, February 24, 2013

Art Journal Pages

I've been dabbling in my art journal the last couple of days.  This first batch started with a background page that I did early in December.  I was really grumpy and not feeling Christmas-y at all.  I used a lot of black and dark green. I like the way it turned out though once I added the leaf border and bits of white and lighter blue.

You can tell I've been looking at a lot of Dyan Reaveley's stuff lately - note the squiggly plant-like thingies.  Love hers and borrowed that style.  Can you find the elusive beast?

I had some black cocktail napkins laying around from another project and used those for the flower stems and leaves on the left.

I have a page that I shared a week or so ago that I haven't been able to stop tweaking.  The butterfly kept bugging me (ha-ha!  No pun intended!) so it went through several transformations.  Here's the latest:

Below is the original.  I was thinking the butterfly needed a little more oomph and something to make it stand out. I also added some more tidbits to the background - little bugs and things and some more flowers.

I think I'm done with this one for now.  Maybe.  ;)


  1. Wow, your journal looks amazing! I am sure you are having a great time creating in it.

  2. Wow! I so admire art journals! I have yet to dive in and start one. I'm not sure if it's all the white space that scares me or the fact that I'd have to climb out of my little box and try something different! LOL! Your work is gorgeous - and inspired!
    Val :)

  3. Oh, I love your journal pages... the first spread with the exotic jungle plants, dark and mysterious, and then all those beautiful lighthearted spring colours... so delightful! Thanks so much for your visit and comment - much appreciated.
    Alison x

  4. Hi Julie, the first set of pages are beautiful, I do love Dyan's stuff, but the second is stunning, gorgeous colours and that fabulous butterfly! Love it. Thanks for your visit and lovely comment. I am your latest follower. Hugs, Anne x

  5. These are great pages!!! I like the first one the best! Love those leaves coming down!
    Thanks for your blog visit too!

  6. That's so beautiful. Green is my favour colour and these pages are huge.


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