Friday, June 13, 2014

Standing Up For All Women - SDC 151: Boxes

I think everyone needs something to believe in and something to fight for.  I hope you're all with me in appreciating the hazards we women face when dealing with capes and restrooms.  'nuff said?

I'm not sure this is exactly what Arwen had in mind when throwing out the box challenge, but my quirky sense of humor overrode my sensible side and I created this for SDC 151.

 The message on the sign totally cracked me up.

Originally I was going to alter an Altoids tin for this challenge.  In fact, there is one sitting on my desk all painted and ready to go.  However, I saw a plain, white Dial soap box sitting on the bathroom counter (where one of my little lovelies left it after removing the soap...hmmm) and "Soapbox!" popped into my head.  

I had no idea what Topknot would be pontificating about so am relieved that my 'Well Said' pinterest board helped me out.

The box covering is tissue paper that I painted with acrylics and added some Stickles to.  I cut the Dial logo from a plastic wrapper.  The soap bubbles are from a background stamp that I embossed onto vellum, colored with Copics and added little glittery bits to as well.   Some adhesive foam lifts Topknot off the background so she can really catch your attention to share her message.

Stampotique stamp: Topknot, Bla bla bla

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  1. I love you sense of humor, Julie, and you definitely made me laugh here. I immediately saw "Dial"and knew it was a soap box. I had to think about "cape," but only for a moment! ;-) Thanks so much for participating in the Stampotique Designers' Challenge this week! Love seeing your creations here.

  2. Totally AWESOME Julie, love the soapbox, the message is hilarious and gorgeous colouring. Brought a huge smile to my face, thank you so much :-) xxx

    1. :D Thank you! I'm glad there are people out here who have the same weird sense of humor that I do.

  3. I saw this on face book before I got here...... The background is just fabulous on this and I love top knot !thanks for joining us at stampotique designers challenge

  4. top knot on a soap box too funny yet so well done. perhaps I'll play along Be well Carole


    Thank you for joining the Stampotique Designers challenge. Gez

  6. Haha I love it - it's really cool!
    Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Design Challenge :)

    xx Arwen

  7. I love this - the quote is perfect! Love the humour. Thanks for joining us again at Stampotique this week.


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