Monday, July 7, 2014

The Pros and Cons of Travel...

Is anybody going to an exotic locale on vacation?  There are so many amazing experiences awaiting when one travels but there can be some unfortunate side effects as well.  Kathi over at SDC has challenged us with a travel and/or vacation theme this week.

 I had a bear of a time with the theme at first - many projects were cast aside but eventually I came up with a mini wall hanging.

It seems I have a knack for finding quotes or sayings that are a bit 'off'.  They make me chuckle though.  This quote is from Abraham Verghese.

Hopefully you can't relate to the second part of the quote, but if you can, I hope you can smile (even a half-hearted, lopsided smile) about it now.  In the mean time, happy travels!


  1. Love your mini wall hanging, your quote had me in stitches! Egypt & Thailand have been the worst places for me to experience the latter. When you have ulcerative colitis you think you can cope with anything, until i visited both these places... Happy memories:-) xxx

  2. You certainly MUST have heard me laugh, Julie! Oh, yes, aside from the brilliant art here, I can totally relate to that humorous quote! Thanks so much for continuing to inspire all of us at the Stampotique Designers' Challenge--and, oftentimes, for making us laugh!

  3. Your sentiment made me smile. I was an exchange student 500 years ago and whereas it was an amazing experience that did change my life, it also had the unfortunate consequence stated above. The upside was that I lost a bunch of weight. Sadly, I didn't need to lose that weight when I was a student. Ah well.

    Wonderful wall hanging with fabulous layers.

    Thanks for playing along with my challenge at Stampotique Designers Challenges!

  4. Hilarious! I'm glad you stuck with it because this is gorgeous and I have been unfortunate in that department too ;) Thanks for joining us again at Stampotique this week.

  5. Definitely a different take on the whole travel theme! Made me smile Julie. Jenny x

  6. Hi there, This is fab :D The background is yummy too and with an expression like hers so perfect for your theme, made me giggle :D x

  7. Oh my, this cracked me up! You made my day!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend and thanks for joining in with us at Stampotique :)

  8. I love your mini wall hanger. Great quote.

  9. What a fun wall hanger you have made!
    Thank you for joining us at stampotique designers challenge

  10. I think the sentiment is hilarious, it is certainly true in my hubby's case - I shouldn't think that is funny though.

    Thanks for the tip with the hot glue gun, will definitely give it a go! Anne xx

  11. This is awesome Julie :)
    Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Design Challenge

    xx Arwen


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