Monday, December 15, 2014

Jah, Jamaica, mon!

I recently had a customer request a custom mini album as a gift.  Her son is taking his girlfriend to Montego Bay for Valentines' Day.  How cool is that??  This was so fun to make. It was really nice to delve into warm, tropical colors while the temps outside were so chilly.  :)  Here's a peek...

I can almost imagine myself sitting in a hammock, palm fronds rustling above in a warm, tropical breeze, sipping on an icy cold rum punch...


  1. Wow the first 2015 Valentine project i have seen and it is gorgeous Julie. What a lovely thought to get this made for them.

    You got me in a tropical mood too:-) xxx

  2. Nice album! Could do with some of those warmer climes here too!


  3. This is absolutely marvelous, Julie, and sure to become a keepsake! Lush warm colors certainly set the stage. Super cool cover!

  4. Lovely little album, Julie. I wouldn't mind goin' to Jamaica !
    Corrie x

  5. What a great idea for a gift! You made a beautiful job of it.


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