Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ohhhh...a MEdium!

Feel free to roll your eyes when you read this. I just had one of those ah-ha! moments. I'm working on a mini canvas and was having some problems with the color.  It was just too flat and boring. Several layers of paint, gesso, paint, and even more gesso I decided to try something.  I added some matte gel medium to my paint in hopes that it would make it a little more translucent. It worked!

I know.  Duh, Julie.  For some reason I've only thought of using it as an adhesive or to make super thin substrates a little sturdier.  It never occurred to me to just add it to my paint.  Dork.

I felt the need to share this today. :)  Happy Saturday!

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  1. Light bulb moments are wonderful and of course help others who would never have thought of this either! Hope you are seeing the path light up before you:-) xxx


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