Saturday, January 20, 2018

Challenging Myself

I need challenges to get my muse going these days.  I can't remember if I shared my (seemingly annual) goal of using more of my stash and buying less.  I have SO MUCH STUFF in my creative space.  It's ridiculous...like really.  I can barely squeeze my bod in there to get creative which is certainly a wee bit counter productive.

Anyway, back to the challenges part. MFT has three challenges going on right now - use the word 'celebrate', a color challenge and a sketch challenge. In the spirit of  "Yippee, what the hell!" I decided to take on all three PLUS use some stash for one card.

I have LOADS of patterned paper packs that I've bought over the years.  (This isn't even all of it.  I was afraid the pile was getting too heavy and have another stash over in a corner.)

I hardly ever reach for them as I originally purchased them for scrapbooking and I don't really do that any more.  Plus I just think it's tricky to use patterned paper - I'm a solid paper kinda girl, I guess.  But I did it!  Feeling very impressed with myself that I dipped into the stash, managed to sneak in all three challenges, and completed them on time.  Ha ha.

I hope I can keep this up!

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  1. That's quite a stash of papers there, and a great idea to paper piece your festive balloon!


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