Sunday, June 28, 2020

ICAD Lollipop Inspiration Board

I didn't know where to start on my ICAD for today.  I ended up heading over to my Pinterest Artsy Journaling board to get some inspiration and found this yummy, summery color combo.


Then I remembered some great lessons I learned from Kate Crane's Journal Soup classes so got busy on a background and it all came together!

I tried to remember to take pics of the process.  I like seeing how projects transform along the way.

Index cards as great to use as mop up pieces or for experimenting with products or techniques.  When I grabbed the card for this project it had brayered-on acrylic ink and my dip pen scribbles.  I brushed some acrylic paints over the top of those.

A little white paint and muted colors over the top came next...

More paint, darker shades this time, and some stamping and 'finger dots'...

But, wait!  There's more!  I added still more stamping, scribbles and a little black around the edges.

There she is!  I stamped the sentiment and the head image on some tissue paper, flipped it over and painted on the back side of the tissue paper.  Once that was dry, I used matte medium to stick them onto the card.  I used tissue paper because it blends beautifully into the background.  

Thanks for stopping by today.  Happy creating!

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